Squires Blackberry Food Colour Dust


This Squires Blackberry food colouring dust comes in a handy colour coordinated sealable pot and has a content weight of 4 grams.

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Use this Squires Blackberry Food Colouring Dust to create the colour you need. Designed especially for sugarcrafters and cake decorators, they are fully intermixable so the colour options are endless.

With this dust, you can brush it onto dry sugar flowers and leaves to create a realistic look or simply mix them into melted white chocolate, macaroon mixes and cake mixes for colourful chocolates and bakes.

These dust food colours from Squires Kitchen can also be used with or without stencils to create soft backgrounds and when mixed with clear alcohol or cooled, boiled water you can create a watercolour-effect paint.

All Squires Kitchen food colourings are guaranteed edible and conform to EU directives for use in foodstuff so you can be sure that your creations are both beautiful and safe to eat.

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