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Browse our range of concentrated flavourings including retro, floral, fruit flavours, deserts and many more! We supply many retailers, confectioners, sweet makers and ice cream makers.

Our popular Liquorice flavour won the Great Taste Awards Gold Star Product in 2014 for its fantastic flavour!

Concentrated Flavours

Here at Beau, all of our food flavourings are produced in a concentrated format, allowing the customer to receive a product where truly, a little really does go a long way. Our 40ml bottles go on and on, and are very competitively priced.

We have over 50 flavours all of which have many applications; our liquorice flavour is used to flavour our liquorice sugarpaste, which won a Gold Star in the 2014 Fine Food Great Taste Awards. Our flavours are not only used widely within the baking industry, they have become well known to ice cream makers, sweet manufacturers, fishermen and horse feed companies. We are constantly surprised at their diverse uses!

Professional Tip

In the unlikely event we don’t have the flavour you need call us and we can always make it for you. We’ve been busy in the kitchen recently making a cough syrup flavour for a cake maker who was asked for a “Tunes cough sweet cake”. We aren’t sure if it is a new way for treating a cough!