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Our Artisan Sugarpaste

Beau Products artisan sugarpaste is unlike any other sugarpaste and here’s why:

1) There is a team of dedicated men and women hand-rolling our product to bring you a perfectly formed quality product everytime. Which means you get a sugarpaste that is guaranteed to be uniform in colour & texture – perfect for perfect cakes.

2) Only Beau’s artisan sugarpastes comes in 53 colours – a colour for every week of the year! And if you can’t find the colour you need and are a professional cake maker, call us and we can make a bespoke batch for you (and all at a very affordable price).

3) Unlike other sugarpaste brands, all of our sugarpaste is available in 5 different sizes to make it easier for you. The sizes available are 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2.5kg and 5kg.

4) We think the taste of our sugarpaste matters – it is not good when people peel off the icing and leave it on the plate because it doesn’t taste nice. Beau’s sugarpaste always comes out top in taste tests. Our Black Liquorice sugarpaste was awarded a Gold star award in the Great Taste Awards 2014 by the Guild of Fine Foods.

About Our Sugarpaste

Beau’s sugarpaste is perfect for covering birthday and wedding cakes to give you a luxurious finish and taste.
Sugarpaste colours are frequently reviewed and updated to reflect current wedding and fashion trends.

Our superior sugarpastes are Vegan friendly and made in our nut-free factory and they are easy to work with and are amazingly cost effective – when rolled it will cover more than your usual brand.

Professional Tip

Royal Icing is making a baking comeback. We make it by hand fresh everyday to save you the strain. Leaving you free to spend time creating your masterpiece… Why not make meringue kisses mmmmm!