Frequently Asked Questions

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How should I store my sugar flowers once made?

Ideally wrap the flowers in tissue and enclose in a box. Store out of heat somewhere for safe keeping. All completed creations can be kept in a glass display cabinet.

How long does the paste take to dry?

This does depend on atmospheric conditions and also the size of your flower / project. We recommend that you leave you flowers to dry overnight. Please see our recommendations below if you live in a more humid environment.

If you are using flowerpaste where humidity is present, firstly roll out and cut a test piece of the flowerpaste and leave it to dry for 24 hours. If it has not hardened to your requirements, then you can add gum trag or OMC (not CMC or tylose) to the flowerpaste. Kneed well in and leave to mature for 24 hours.

Can I colour Beau flowerpaste?

Yes: If you wish to add colour to our paste then we recommend that you use the ‘White’ paste. Brilliant white has white colour added. Coloured is ideal for any project you wish to dust. Once dusted, sugar flowers can be lightly steamed, giving excellent vibrant results. We recommend that these items are removed from the cake before cutting as the dusts & colours may not be edible.

How is flowerpaste best stored?

When you have finished using the product pop it back into the tub ensuring the lid is on. Or place inside your own airtight container until you need it again. Store away from direct sunlight of a recommended temperature of 20°C.

What should I roll my flowerpaste with?

Always use cornflower – anything else and the product spoils.

Are the flavourings natural?

The majority are natural, alongside these we have natural with flavouring preparations, which enhance different applications.

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